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LETTERS FROM PAUL —A Synonymous Translation In Effectively Enhanced English

Romans 1:1  (KJV)  Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the Gospel Of God...


Not Another Translation?

Yeah, yeah, I know. This translation is just the results of years of my own personal study of the scriptures. Out of this study I had accumulated quite a lot of verses I had translated into a more current English, to get a better grasp on the meaning and message of each verse.

Since the New Testament Epistles, or more particularly, the Letters From Paul are written specifically for the New Testament church and born-again believer, I wanted to significantly invest myself in their study.

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Before You Freak Out...

A full explanation of the Method Of Translation? should be thoroughly read to get a complete understanding of the process used for this translation.

I would strongly suggest you have a look at the Glossary, as I have included each Key Word, with the Greek word and the Strong's Concordance Greek Lexicon number in red.

So, if you are unsure in anyway of the actual accuracy of this translation, I have provided the means for you to look up the word(s) yourself, to see if these things be so. Acts 17:11

One other point I would like to mention is the Key Word Definitions page, which provides definitions and thoroughly explains the use of what I believe are some of the most important words in this translation, IMHO.

Please Don't Just...

Now, I understand, it might, at first, seem a little radical, to say the least. I have put literally years of work into these Letters From Paul analyzing every single word and all I could ask is that you just give it 10-20 minutes of your time, before automatically dismissing it, without ever really getting into it.

I believe once you start looking into it and using it for your Bible Study or Translation comparisons you will find much revelation and joy (divine delight) from God through the communication of the Holy Spirit

Oh Yeah, One More Thing...

This is both a Study Version and a Reading Version online, which simply means if you don't want the Bible Study inline notes included, just click on the toggle buttons, as in the example below:

Click to View the Study Version or Reading Version


1 Corinthians 2:12-14

(Gospel Of God in Christ)

  • 12 Now listen to me here, we don't have that spirit (breath, life-essence, animating-principle) of the world operating or functioning in us anymore, it has been directly replaced with the spirit of God, so that we can now know all those things that have been freely imparted into us by God.
  • 13 These are the things we are talking and telling you about, definitely not the way of sense knowledge (intellectual reasoning through the physical senses), but only through the avenue of what the Holy Spirit (breath, life-essence, animating-principle) teaches can we truly consider, combine and contrast spiritual things with spiritual language.
  • 14 You do realize that the person governed by his senses cannot perceive anything of the spiritual realm of God at all. Those things are all absolute absurdity to that person and they have no way of knowing or recognizing spiritual things, because those things can only be seen and known in and through the spirit (breath, life-essence, animating-principle).

I do readily welcome any and all comments, good or bad, through my Contact page.

Thank you for your time,
In Christ
Kevin A. Krall

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